The original movie anime “Children of Kamiari Month” will be released on October 8, 2021. The trailer and visuals for the film have been unveiled. As well as that, Shibasaki Kou and Iura Arata have been announced as additional cast members, and comments have arrived from each of them.

The month of October, called “Kannazuki” in many parts of Japan, is called “Kamiritsuki” only in Izumo, Shimane. The reason for this is that in Izumo in October, gods from all over the country gather for a meeting called “Kamihakari,” which is said to be a meeting to tie up relationships for the following year. … “Children of Kamiari Month” is an original movie anime based on this “Kamiritsuki” legend, and depicts the values of “karma” that lie at the root of people and gods, various regions and Izumo, and this island country, through the journey of a girl who runs to Izumo.

The trailer begins with a scene where a demon boy named Yasha appears in front of Kanna, who can’t shake the feeling of loss after losing her mother, Yayoi. As Kanna struggles with Yasha, who is after the bracelet that Yayoi left behind, the divine rabbit Shiro also appears, and Kanna leaves Tokyo, where time has stopped, on a journey to Izumo in search of her mother.

Kanna thinks of her father Norimasa’s kindness, who says, “I’m sorry, I’m not a good father,” and her mother Yayoi, who is like bright sunshine. On the way, Kanna is almost frustrated by the various trials and tribulations she faces, but she asks Yashin, “What about the time when I was running with Yayoi? You can’t tell me you lied about your feelings back then!” And then, “I have to go! If I don’t, I’ll end up hating you! I want to believe in what I like!” With the theme song “Kanna” written by miwa, we can see Kanna’s growth as she faces her love of running and sets off for Izumo.

The visual, which was unveiled at the same time, depicts the main characters Shiro, Yasha, Yayoi, Norimasa, and Ryujin against the background of “Izumo”. Standing in the center of the image, Kanna’s powerful eyes as she aims for Izumo are impressive. Additional cast members were announced as Shibasaki Kou as Yayoi Hayama, the deceased mother of the main character Kanna, and Iura Arata as Norimasa Hayama, the father who supports Kanna with his own hands.

The original movie anime “Children of Kamiari Month” will be released on October 8.

(Shibasaki Kou as Yayoi Hayama)

I am playing the role of Yayoi, the mother of the main character Kanna. I think Kanna grew up watching the back of Yayoi, who loves to run, is cheerful, honest, and straightforward. I believe that Japanese people unconsciously know the “important things” that we cannot control, and this film has the power to remind us of that. I believe that this work has become a universal work even in today’s turbulent world. Please take a look at “Children of Kamiari Month,” which will make both adults and children look forward to the future.

(Inoura Shin as Yayama Norimasa)

I think Norimasa, Kanna’s father, who I play, is a really clumsy father. After losing his wife and Kanna’s mother, Yayoi, I thought Norimasa, who cares for Kanna the most but can’t face his daughter well, was a representative of fathers in the world. I myself am very interested in the mythology of Izumo, and Kanna’s journey based on the mythology and the scenery of Izumo is very exciting to me.
“Children of Kamiari Month” is not only a story of a family, but also a journey to the origin of Japan through the myth of Izumo. Please come see it at the theater.

“Children of Kamiari Month”
National Roadshow from October 8 (Fri.), 2021

Makita Ajyu, Sakamoto Maaya, Irino Miyu
Shibasaki Kou, Iura Arata
Niitsu Chise, Nagase Riko, Takagi Wataru, Chafurin, Kamiya Akira

Original Story, Communication Director: Yotsuya Toshinari / Animation Director: Shirai Takana
Screenplay: Miyake Ryuta, Takita Tetsuro, Yotsuya Toshinari
Character Design and Chief Animation Director: Sagawa Haruka / God Design: Oda Hiroyasu
Color Designer: Kakita Yukiko / Art Director: Sato Goshi / Director of Photography: Takatsu Junpei / Sound Director: Iwanami Miwa
Creation Director: Sakamoto Kazuya / Storyboards: Shirai Takana, Sakamoto Kazuya, Mochizuki Tomomitsu
General Producer: Oshia Yuko / Producer, Location Director: Mishima Teppei / Producer: Yoshida Yoshihiro
Production Manager: Satomi Tetsuro / Supervisor: Suwa Michihiko
Theme Song: “Kanna” by miwa
Planning: Critica Universal / Production: Raiden Film / Music: Sony Music Labels
Supervisor: GUM / Advertising: Pazzy Entertainment / Distribution: AEON Entertainment

(C) 2021 “Children of Kamiari Month” Production Goenkai