“Wolfwakers”, a feature animation based on medieval Irish folklore that depicts the story of the wolfwalker, Mebh, and a girl named Robyn, will be in theaters throughout Japan
including YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA, from Oct. 30, 2020.
The film was produced by the Irish studio, “Cartoon Saloon”, which has been nominated at the Academy Awards for all past feature animation and is regarded as the “Post-Ghibli” animation studio.

Cartoon Saloon was founded in Kilkenny in 1999 by Paul Young, Tom Moore, and Nora Twomey, who were classmates at the animation department of Ballyfermot College. The studio started with 12 staff and now has grown to have about 300 full-time workers.

All their past feature films, “The Secret of Kells”, “Song of the Sea”, and “The Breadwinner”, and their short film “Late Afternoon”, were nominated at the Academy Awards. They have passionate fans all over the world, and critics have praised their work, calling them the “Post-Ghibli” animation studio.

Cartoon Saloon depicts a creative world based on Irish history and myths, with colorful 2D animation. “Wolwalkers” will be the final chapter of their Celtic trilogy, following “The Secret of Kells” and “Song of the Seas”.
In this film, they used 3D software for the first time, depicting the wolf’s point of view of the scenery with dynamic camera work. Since they have been working with EU countries such as France and Luxembourg, along with the UK, much of their work has been transitioned to telework, letting them proceed in their production without major problems during the lockdown.

The breathtakingly beautiful world and marvelous story, depicted through an infinitely gentle view of life, features the largest number of characters of all their work and also has much entertainment such as the impressing battle against a pack of wolves.
This is a must-see fantasy, not only for anime fans but also for those who are interested in history and tradition.

“Wolfwalkers” will be in theaters throughout Japan, including YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA from Oct. 30.

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