The movie version of “Initial D” is becoming popular at the video streaming service called “dTV”. The views are increasing after the beginning of April and are keeping high rank in the watch ranking. Compared to April in the previous year, the views are 1.5 times more. Especially the new users of dTV tend to choose “Initial D” as their first anime to watch, therefore the views are increasing at a good rate.

One reason that “Initial D” views are increasing is the release of “Initial D: THE ARCADE”, the driving game made for amusement parks. This game is currently holding the collaboration with “Wangan Midnight” from April 22 to June 9.
This collaboration event added “Fair Lady Z (S30)” and “Porche 911 Turbo 3.6 (964)” into the line-up. More gifts will be given to the players who played the game by collecting special play stamps.

Another reason for gaining popularity is “FM Transmitter Hachiroku Fujiwara Tofu Shop Model”, which is the collaboration between “Initial D” and car accessory brand “Japan Avenue”.
“FM Transmitter” is a tool that can send signals from your smartphones and digital audio players on FM electric waves. “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” is carved on “FM Transmitter Hachiroku Fujiwara Tofu Shop Model”. The collaboration website specially posts the illustration of the protagonist Fujiwara Takumi using an FM transmitter inside his car, AE86 Hachiroku.

“Initial D” is a popular series that marked the manga sale over 55 million copies and is popular in anime as well. “Initial D 1st stage”, “Initial D Final Stage”, “Inial D 3rd Stage the Movie”, and movie series are streaming on dTV. Let’s enjoy “Initial D”.