Anime “Tokyo Revengers” and the smartphone game “Kyouto Kotoba RPG Kotodaman” collaborated for the first time, and this begins from August 27, 2021.

“Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman”, which “Tokyo Revengers” will collaborate with this time, is the new type of RPG, in which players fight with “vocabulary”.
This collaboration will hold “Tokyo Revengers Proficiency Quest” with quizzes and “General Assembly Quest”, in which players can experience Tokyo Manji Gang’s entrance ceremony.
Moreover, as the collaboration commemoration, the collaboration PV will be released, and the retweet campaign which gives full manga set of “Tokyo Revengers” (23 books) will be held.
Furthermore, from 8;00 PM of August 26, the official Kotodaman live streaming “GOD Station” will be held at the official Kotodaman YouTube channel and other websites, and the program will release all information of the collaboration.

In addition, “★5 Hanagaki Takemichi” will be given to all users who log in to the app during the collaboration.
For the collaboration summon, “Sano Manjirou (Mikey)” (leader of Tokyo Manji Gang), “Ryuuguuji Ken (Doraken)” (sub-leader of Tokyo Manji Gang), “Matsuno Chifuyu”, “Mitsuya Takashi”, “Baji Keisuke”, “Kawada Naoya (Smiley)”, “Hayashida Haruki (Pachin)”, and other Tokyo Manji Gang members will assemble. “Tachibana Hina”, the only ex-girlfriend of “Hanagaki Takemichi” in middle school, will appear in addition to Tokyo Manji Gang members. The illustration after character’s evolution will be the gang uniform.

“Kotodaman x Tokyo Revengers” will be held from August 27. “★5 Hanagaki Takemichi” will be given to all users who logged into the app during the collaboration period and the current complete set of “Tokyo Revengers” manga (23 books) will be given through retweet campaign. Detailed information is at the special website.

© Wakui Ken, Kodansha/Anime “Tokyo revengers” Production Committee