More and More “Tokyo Revengers” goods are being released from “Animo”, an anime/manga speciality EC website. Pre-orders are currently available on “Animo”.

The new goods include, “Komorebi Art Tin Badge”, “Galaxy Series Tin Badge”, “Chibitts! Petit Petit Acrylic Diorama”, “Chibitts! Petit Petit Acrylic Key Chain BIG”, “Chibitts! Petit Petit Domiteria Chain”, “Chibitts! Petit Petit IC Card Sticker”, and “Chibitts! Petit Petit Tin Badge”.

Each time is available for pre-order until August 19, 2021. Check out the “Animo” official website for further information.

(C) Wakui Ken / Kodansha (C) 2020 Movie “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee