August 17 is Hatanaka Tasuku’s birthday.

Hatanaka Tasuku debuted as a voice actor in 2006 in the dubbed version of the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. In 2021, he played main characters in many titles, including “SK8 the Infinity” and “MARS RED”, and he is also active as an artist.

Therefore, Hatanaka Tasuku’s birthday, we conducted an annual reader survey entitled “Who is your favorite character played by Hatanaka Tasuku?”. We received responses from 234 people during the survey period from July 29 to August 5.
The male-female ratio is about 20% for males and about 80% for females. About 45% of the age group were teens, and about 20% were in their 20s.

■ Topping the list is Kaminari Denki from “Hiroaka”, an animated movie of which is currently on the big screen

1st place

1st place goes to Kaminari Denki from “My Hero Academia” with an approval rating of about 36%, topping the list for the second consecutive year.

Readers commented on the strong character who becomes stupid when he uses too much of electricity, “It is interesting how he is so stupid that he cannot make the most of his excellent Quirk.”, and “When he charges his quirk too much he becomes such a dummy with that manner of speaking.”
Some fans are attracted to his heroic side in the difficult times, “He can be a player, but when times come, him caring about his friends is so cool.”, and “I like the gap between how he shows off in front of his friends and how he fights.”
The animated movie “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” is now on big screens, and this probably boosted votes.

2nd place

2nd place goes to Kyan Reki from “SK8 the Infinity” with an approval rating of about 14%, and the title of the 2021 broadcast ranked high.

The hero who grown up through skateboarding is popular, “Hatanaka-san’s performance is so wholesome, you can feel his souls in cheerful and bright yet sensitive Reki-kun.”, and “The purity of fully enjoying skateboarding, and the lack of self-confidence that he sometimes shows are wonderful. I was impressed by the emotional performance.” This work started new animation projects, so don’t miss future developments.

3rd place

3rd place goes to Ultraman Z from “Ultraman Z” with an approval rating of about 11%, taking the third place for the second consecutive year.

Readers commented on an brave, but adorable and lovely hero, “He is a disciple of Ultraman Zero and a hot-blooded hero , but his natural side is impressive, like using wrong words sometimes.”, and “The growing of Z, who was still half a serving as an Ultra Warrior, fighting together was brilliantly performed. Comparing the first episode and the second half, his earth language is getting better (laughs).”
Readers who stopped watching the “Ultraman” series also commented, “Although I haven’t watched the “Ultra” series for a while, I was once again taught the coolness and fun of Ultraman.”

■ Let’s introduce other comments!

For Kougami Taiga from “KING OF PRISM”, “Taiga-kun, who has a straightforward and passionate feeling for the prism show, and Hatanaka-san’s pure and powerful voice and play are perfect. At the live, I was overwhelmed by the powerful dance and the ever-expanding singing performance.”
For Asada Hirofumi from “Ace of Diamond”, “Hatanaka-san can make various voices, but Asada’s weak and timid play is very good and impressed.”

About Ito Satsuki from “Paradox LIVE”, “I love Hatanaka-san’s rap that feels like it’s hitting hard without fright!”
For Kurusu Shutaro from “MARS RED”, the title broadcast in 2021, “A serious young man. The performance of him still struggling to live as a human even after becoming a vampire was good.”, and “The acting Kurisu’s determination shown by the same lines said many times was inspiring.”

In the 2021 edition of the survey, characters from a wide range of genres such as anime, tokusatsu, and drama CDs are ranked in. New characters broadcast in 2021, such as “SK8 the Infinity” and “MARS RED”, are also in the top ranks.

■ Overall ranking

“Who is your favorite character played by Hatanaka Tasuku? 2021 Edition”
1st place Kaminari Denki “My Hero Academia”
2nd place Kyan Reki “SK8 the Infinity”
3rd place Ultraman Z “Ultraman Z”
4th place Ikoma “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”
5th place Tsukumo Yuma “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL”
6th place Kougami Taiga “KING OF PRISM” series
6th place Shibutani Kasuka “DREAM! Ing”
8th place Jogasaki Akira “Yumeiro Cast”
9th place Kumon Hyodo “A3!”
10th place Kurusu Shutaro “MARS RED”
11th place Ito Satsuki “Paradox LIVE”
12th place Tokushima Eiji “Senryu Girl”
13th place Aotsuki Ushio “Ushio and Tora”
13th place Morishige Yuna “On air!”

(Response period: July 29-August 5, 2021)

* This survey is part of a survey of readers’ awareness of “current interest in and attention to anime works and characters.” Regarding the results, we do not intend to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will help you to get to know new works and characters, and to deepen your understanding and interest.