The stage play “Rusted Armors” side story's title has been decided as “The Rusted Armors Side Story: The Owl of Azure Sky”. In addition to it, it has been announced that Nakada Hiroki will play Tachibana Shinonome, Sakurai Keito will play Tachibana Mifuru, and Tomizono Rikiya will play Tachibana Hayato. The main visual depicts the bright azure sky.

“Rusted Armors” is the project which seeks for the media mix from the stage act, and it can also be called the “Reversed 2.5 dimension”.
The project has started from the stage play in Jun. 2017, and then it has become the comics as the 2nd project on “Monthly Comic Jean”, the magazine published from KADOKAWA, from Jan. 2019. It has also been announced that the anime adoption will start as the 3rd project on the first day of the sequence to the stage play on Jun. 2019 called “'Rusted Armors'-Connection-“.

On “Rusted Armors Side Story: The Owl of Azure Sky”, the story revolves around the Kinokuni Force and the group of Saiga, who has escaped from the war with Hideyoshi and plan to make their base in the deep mountain of Kishu.
While Fujishiro plans to visit the sanctuary in Kumano to make a wish to welcome Satokami to Kumano Shrine with 3 armor users called Tsurukubi, Kokuhyo, and Ageha, the 3 brothers of the elite group “Owl” and the ghosts have own goals, and they make their way to the sanctuary as well…
How the mysterious 3 brothers of “Owl” interact with the people of Saika is the point to see.

The main visual released this time is done with much brighter azure color, comparing to the post visuals of “Rusted Armors”.
Furthermore, information about mysterious characters has been revealed. Nakada will play the 2nd boy and also the strongest man among the elite group who looks for the artifacts called Jusshu Shinpou (10 weapons of the gods) called Tachibana Shinonome, Sakurai will play the oldest brother Tachibana Mifuru, and Tomizono will play the youngest brother Tachibana Hayato.

“Rusted Armors Side Story: The Owl of Azure Sky” will be released in Theater MIxa from Jun. 4, 2020 to Jun. 28.

(C)”Rusted Armors” Project