The stage play “Tokyo Revengers” raised its curtain on August 6, 2021 at COOL JAPAN PARKJ OSAKA WW Hall in Osaka. Comments from the representative and official stage photos and movies have arrived this time. This performance continues until August 22. The performance on August 14 and 22 will be streamed online as well.

The original work of the play is the manga “Tokyo Revengers” by Wakui Ken, which is currently serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from Kondansha since 2017. This series currently adapted into an anime and live-action movie, and its popularity marked the sale of over 32 million copies.
A useless jobless Hanagaki Takemichi (Takemichi) one day learns that his first and last girlfriend from his middle school was killed by the worst juvenile group “Tokyo Manji Kai”. He then travels through time to 12 years ago. To save his girlfriend , he begins to take revenge on his life to change the person he has been running away from.

Kizu Tsubasa will play the protagonist Hanagaki Takemichi this time. Noguchi Jun will play the key to returning to the past, Tachibana Naoto (Naoto), Matsuda Ryou will play the head of Tokyo Manji Kai’s leader Sano Manji (Mickey), Jinnai Shou will play Micky’s righthand man Ryuuguuji Ken (Draken), and other Tokyo Manji Kai members are played by Nakao Masaki, Kawasumi Bishin, Kikuchi Shuuji, and Sakuraba Haruto.
Comments from Kizu and the others have arrived.

The release of the stage play “Tokyo Revengers” Blu-ray and DVD have been set for February 2, 2022. Moreover, the live streaming will be held with special gifts, and there will be an archive available for those who missed the streaming. Enjoy time leap performances unique to the stage play and Takemichi’s passion also at home.

Full comments are below
(Actor’s Name/Character’s Name)
Kizu Tsubasa/Hanagaki Takemichi Comment

My name is Kizu Tsubasa, and I will be playing Hanagaki Takemichi in the stage “Tokyo Revengers”.
Through everyone putting in a lot of effort and working together the company has now become as close as a family, and I believe that this is the kind of work where each word and each story makes everyone stronger and becomes a catalyst for life that moves people’s hearts.
I want to change the future, I want to change everyone’s future, and that’s what we’ve all been working on, looking forward to, I put all my heart and soul into making this a work that will be loved for a long time to come, and put my feelings directly into it.
In order to change the future of everyone living tomorrow, our “Tokyo Revengers” begins.
Kizu Tsubasa/Hanagaki Hanamichi

Noguchi Jun/Tachibana Naoto

Finally! The stage play “Tokyo Revengers” now begins, and I am filled with excitement since it has been a while since the last time I stood on a stage. I am nervous and I am excited. Excitement of many kinds.
The sense of learning how our practice turns out on the stage when the audience sits on their seats…

This doesn’t exist anywhere. I am honored that I can play Naoto on stage.
Together with those awesome members, I want to make this stage the coolest performance.
I have a wonderful partner called Kizu Tsubasa.
I always learned from him during practice.
I want to be like him , and we want to complete the performances.

Thanks for your support!

Matsuda Ryou/Sano Manjirou

My name is Matsuda Ryou and I will be playing Sano Manjirou.
The first curtain of the play “Tokyo Revengers” is now rising.
I dedicated all summer for this performance.
We will perform with full care to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
I want to believe the power of the members, the original manga, and stage play.
Although times are tough and difficult, I will do my best to deliver what I can from this work. I will make it with my spirit to deliver message.
“Tokyo Revengers” on stage.
Even if it’s lame or muddy, we intend to create a new era from here by ourselves.
Please look forward to it.

Jinnai Shou/Ryuuguuji Ken

My name is Jinnai Shou and I will be playing Ryuuguuji Ken.
The stage “Tokyo Revengers” now begins.
Honestly, it’s hard to find such a great cast as the one we have.
Each member feels a responsibility towards their own role and can also care about others around them.
The power of the work makes them do so.
I hope to create a memory of summer together with the audience and cast so that we one day may wish to travel over time.

Director and performance leader Ise Naoto comment

I found the members reliable from the first day of practice.
Everyone is positive, everyone is committed, and everyone is trying to be there for someone else.
It was an ideal example of how to support and enhance each other.
Although this work uses a lot of energy, I remember everyone was always smiling.
Believing the infinite power of stage, we will deliver time leap experiences unique to stage performance.
Each actor will strive with the responsibility of their own role.
The actors are always confident and staff keep updating the stage.
I am so honored that I am part of this stage.
Only thing that I still hope is to have a safe performance so that all 22 cast can fully accomplish their job.
Please keep supporting them.

© Wakui Ken, Kodansha/Stage “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee
(C)Ken Wakui, KODANSHA / TOKYO REVENGERS Stage Production Committee.