Hi, everyone! My name is Suenaga, and I will be the head editor for Anime!Anime! from July. I was previously working as the editor for the game media called “Inside”, which is run by IID, Inc. (also runs Anime!Anime!). I was writing about “Rara Magic” when I was working for Inside, interviewing about glasses of “Alice Gear Alice”, and working as the chief editor for the magazine.
Games and anime are close content in terms of their users, but culture and rules unique to the industry are quite different. Although I am the middle of training, I look forward to making Anime!Anime! even more active with you.

For this occasion, I chose 3 games that “I want the anime fans to enjoy as well” as the part of my self-introduction. All games introduced below can be played on your smartphone/game devices, so please try them if you are interested.

“Muse Dash”: Extremely kawaii rhythm action!

This is a fantastic rhythmic game for those who love cute girls. As you can see, the appealing and cute designs are the uniqueness. There are 3 main cute girls in the game. As you clear the missions, you will receive costumes and pets that increase cuteness inside the game.

In the rhythm action part, the player will hit enemy (notes) appearing from the right side of the screen + 2D run action. Although only 2 buttons are used to play the game, but there are a variety of gimmick and notes, and the game can be enjoyed by both experienced and unexperienced music game players. All 60+ songs are made with high quality. The game is filled with cute, relaxing, and exciting factors. This game can be played on the smartphone, Nintendo Switch, Steam, etc that you may already have.

“World Flipper” Pinball action with various “types” interact

This is a smartphone pinball action from Cygames. The characters from the various races are available, including humans, beasts, robot girls, cyborg, mermaid, and insect girls, and this design and character setting, which tickles fetishism, gives the game a nickname, “department store of fetichism and types”. There should a character that matches with your favor. It can be the chance to find new “love”.

In the main story that protagonist travels over various world, this diversity works well. While the main flow uses the popular setting, how do the protagonists interact with other characters with completely different appearance and ideology on a journey? The emotional “relationship” between the characters is very important together with the personal episode of each character. It’s good for people who enjoy reading the interaction between characters.

“SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE”: “Unbroken Heart” is the key

The great action-adventure game by From Software. This is one of “die and retry” games that the player must try over and over again to find the key to overcome the mission. In other words, this will let the player “re-do life” and provides opportunity to experience what the protagonist of the same genre of anime, manga, and novel works feel while doing life multiple times, maybe. This is completely action in high level, so I recommend for people who can work hard for games. The sense of accomplishment when clearing the mission is outstanding, and unbreakable heart is the key. Maybe good for mentality training?

“SEKIRO” has a Japanese vibe but From Software also released dark fantasy “DARK SOULS”, the game similar to the world of “Berserk”, and “Bloodborne” with gosick and Cthulhu myths, so I also recommend to start them as well. Since “SEKIRO” is an adventure, the story itself is enjoyable, and the relationship between the protagonist Sekiro and others are also emotional. In contrast, “DARK SOULS” and “Bloodborne” are the action RPGs, therefore unraveling the story through role playing, while interpreting and considering various problems by yourself is the way to enjoy them. Since they are set in completely different settings, so choose them based on your favor.