The video “Color of Life 2nd Season” has been released, in which voice actress Sakura Ayane makes you feel as if she is your older sister.

This video, “Color of Life 2nd Season,” is the third installment of the “Color of Life” promotional video released at the launch of the ATH-SQ1TW fully wireless earbuds in October 2020.

In addition to Sakura, Ono Yuki, Hanamori Yumiri, Enoki Junya, Kimura Ryohei, and Furukawa Makoto were appointed to create a video to express the stories behind the earbuds with their “voices.” Each of them plays in six different situations, including “Date with a boyfriend” and “Best friend”.

The third video, which was released sequentially on July 12, is the “Siblings” video featuring Sakura.

The older sister (CV: Sakura) helps in your study for your exams. When you stumble over a tricky question and feel down, she gives you a pep talk, raises a clenched fist and says , “Good luck!” with kindness like an “ideal older sister”.

Just then, your older sister receives a phone call. The person she is talking to is her boss at work, who has a familiar “nice” voice, and he wanted to check something in some documents. She replies, “It’s been done!” You can see that she is good at work.

However, when you hear such a conversation, you feel bad that you are taking up your older sister’s precious time. But your older sister is willing to watch you continue your study, saying, “Don’t worry about it.” She also says, “You want a reward if you do your best?”, which would certainly be at the top of the list if there were a ranking of “what you would like your older sister to say.”

The video is fixed so that only the person’s hand is shown, and the video is completely made with only Sakura’s (plus her boss at work) voice. Sakura’s voice alone is enough to convey the situation and the emotions as an older sister, but in addition to the hand expressions, the video has a more realistic feel.

In response to the temptation, you point to your older sister’s “ATH-SQ1TW” and ask for “I want the same one.” She replies, “Sure!”, which surely makes you think “This is the kind of older sister I’ve always wanted!”

Next time, we’ll be introducing the “Boy at Prep School” story by Enoki Junya, which will be released on Monday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m., so see you next time!