The movie that makes you feel as you are taking a class at the cram school with Enoki Junya called “Color of Life 2nd Season”, is released.

This video “Color of Life 2nd Season” is the 2nd edition of the promotion movie for the completely-wireless earphone “ATH-SQ1TW” (release date: October 20201) titled “Color of Life”.

In addition to Enoki Junya-san’s participation, Ono Yuuki-san, Hanamori YumiriMiyuri-san, Sakura Ayane-san, Kimura Ryouhei-san, and Furukawa Makoto-san also participated infor this project, and they each played the role in the story related to the earphone. There are 6 situations, including “Dating with boyfriend Arc” and “Best Friend Arc”.

The 4th movie, which was released gradually from July 12, was played by Enoki Junya with the title, “The Boy at the Cram School”.

A male student (CV: Enoki Junya) talkswill talk to you after the class, saying, “Did you understand the math class that we just took? I had no idea what he was saying”. Then, you notice the “ATH-SQ1TW” that he keeps in his hand just happens to be theis the completely same earphone aswith yours. From his question, “do you listen to music?”, he and you beginbeing to talk about your favorite video, it gotbut gets interrupted by the teacher entering the room.

Too unlucky that you get interrupted…He then asks you for your contact detailsto “tell him the SNS account”, when you are getting ready for the next lecture. He tries his best to tell his passion, “I want to tell you about my favorite videos and music! I want to talk to you more!”, as if he is a friendly puppy. Your motherhood or fatherhood explodes and makes you scream, “Ah, how cute you are!”.

The camera keeps projecting the hand of the same person, and the story progresses only with Enoki-san’s voice (plus a teacher). Enoki-san’s voice is enough to feel the situation and the boy’s emotion, but the expression of the hands enhances the reality of the situation.

The conversation between a boy and a girl is a complete youthful moment! A teacher’s voice, who interrupteds them, has a fresh toneis fresh that you have heard at some point in your life. Please watch the movie to remember your youthful moment.

We will introduce “Senior in University Circle Arc” by Kimura Ryouhei. Please look forward to this atuntil 6:00 PM of Friday, July 30!