The voice actor, Nakao Ryuusei, known for his voice of Freeza from “Dragon Ball” and Baikinman from “Anpanman” will appear in the YouTube Shorts anime “Tokyo Benriya 24-ji (Lit. 24 hours Handy Man of Tokyo)” of the electronic manga provider “Mecha Comic”. The legendary voice actor, Nakao has voiced various characters, but he will be voicing the “28 years old girl working part-time as a handy man” in this work.

“Tokyo Benriya 24-ji” is based on the manga by Oomori Nozomi that is released exclusively by “Mecha Comic”.
The 28 years old Mizuki Yuu got sick of being a “normal office lady”. After she failed to secure a new job, she started living off as a part-time worker as a handy man. She somehow managed to fulfill all the various hard to come by requests, but she got a request from a male client to act as his girlfriend so that he could get back with his ex-girlfriend…

The 5 episodes of “Tokyo Benriya 24-ji. Mecha Comic Original Short Comic” will be broadcast every Wednesday, at noon, on the official YouTube channel of “Mecha Comic” starting from July 28, 2021.