From “Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!”, the MV teaser of the latest song “Walküre wa Akiramenai” by the tactical sound unit ‘Walküre” has been released. The information on the 3rd latest Walküre album “Walküre Reborn!” has been announced for the first time in five years

The 1 chorus ver. of the insert song “Walküre wa Akiramenai”, for the completely new film of “Macross Delta”, was revealed during the special program “#Let’s Watch the Air Walküre together!!!!!! ~2nd Live 2017 Can Not Stop Walküre~” at 8:00 PM, July 28, on YouTube.

After this, the teaser was released on the official YouTube channel of FlyingDog as well. Do watch this while waiting for the full version.

Also, on the said special program, the information on the 3rd album “Walküre Reborn!” that will be released on October 13 has been revealed. It will consist of the new song that will be used as the theme song and insert songs for the “Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!” ,which will be released in fall 2021. Some of the songs are the insert song “Walküre wa Akiramenai” ,which was shown in the teaser, the two songs (“Mirai wa Onna no Tame ni aru” and “Rune ni Hanasaku Koi mo aru”) that were released last years, as well as some new songs that are used in the film.
It will also contain the 5 solo songs of each member that were written just for this album, making this the first CD to contain all the 12 songs.

Both the jacket photos for the limited edition and regular edition featured the illustration drawn by the character designer Mita Chisato (Capcom) while an original photo of the Walküre are used at the back cover. Only the limited edition will come in the sleeve case, and the novelty BD consists of the situation of the final performance of “Walküre Live Tour 2021-2021 ~Walküre wa Akiramenai!!!!!~” that was held on January 22, 2021, at Zepp Haneda, Tokyo.

Other than that, to commemorate the release of “Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!” and “Gekijou Tanpen Macross Frontier: Toki no Meikyuu (Lit. Short Movie Macross Frontier: The Time Labyrinth)” at the same timing, the “Chou Jikuu Collaboration Uta Senkyo!!!!!!! (Lit. Super-dimensional Song’s Election” will be held at the designated website. It is currently recruiting the “Macross Frontier” songs that you want Walküre to sing and the “Macross Delta” songs that you want Sheryl and Ranka to sing, the deadline is on September 5, it will surely attract the fan to submit their application. There will be a project being held on Twitter as well, do check out the designated website for more information.