It was decided that the anime specialized crowd-funding, “Anime Fund”, to fulfill the dream of anime fan of “supporting anime”, will start on Nov. 3, 2020. It will be a new method of investment for anime industry as well as a promotion platform.

“Anime Fund” aims to create a new anime culture, where fan can support their favorite anime directly and it will be a platform that will liven up the anime as it will close the distance between fan and anime industry that can’t be fulfilled with the current method.
Its release was decided to fulfill the fan’s need to support the work and the production company as well as a method to increase the overall profit in the anime industry.

The merits of using this service are “Anime Fund” will be supporting the anime production/ production company from the crowd-funding project till the actual production as well as the anime’s promotion such as the promotion project, promotion video production and promotion in the social media.
Handling fee will only be applied on the supporting fund received from the crowd-funding.

On the other hands, the anime fan will be able to obtain the special return, including “being credit in the anime end roll”, “right to participate in the limited event/ after party”, and “actual draft art/ limited goods”. Also, your name will remain on the web page as “remain as a status to prove the support”, which is worth it.

“Anime Fund” will start on Nov. 3. Detailed information can be found at the official website.