The outline and sneak peek of episode 1 “Memories of the Previous World” (Broadcast Date: July 5) of the TV anime “Spirit Chronicles” have been released.

“Spirit Chronicles” is based on the light novel by Kitayama Yuri that is published by “HJ Bunko”. It is another world reincarnation fantasy about the young boy, who has both his past and current memories, facing his fate.
The orphan boy at the slums, Rio had recovered his past memories as a Japanese university student. Due to a certain accident, he was enrolled into the famous academy for the children of noble. It depicts him climbing up from the lowest of the caste system while facing the cruel fate that is filled with encounter and separation.

The title of episode 1 “Memories of the Previous World”.
The 20-years old university student, Amakawa Haruto lose his life in a bus accident. His only regret when his consciousness is getting weaker, is his feeling toward his childhood friend Miharu that he hid since admission of high school.

The setting then changes to the slums of Bertram Kingdom. The orphan Rio, who is living with revenge against a certain man, woke up from a nightmare at the corner of a dirty house. Then, he suddenly had a flashback on his past memories “Amakawa Haruto” living in an unknown world…

The broadcast date of episode 1 “Memories of the Previous World” of “Spirit Chronicles” is on July 5 (Monday), on TV Tokyo and other channels.

(C) Kitayama Yuri, Hobby Japan/ “Spirit Chronicles” Production Committee