The outline and sneak peek of episode 10 “A Spirit’s Awakening”(Broadcast Date: September 6) of the TV anime “Spirit Chronicles” have been released.

“Spirit Chronicles” is based on the light novel by Kitayama Yuri that is published by “HJ Bunko”. It is another world reincarnation fantasy about the young boy, who has both his past and current memories, facing his fate.
The orphan boy at the slums, Rio had recovered his past memories as a Japanese university student. Due to a certain accident, he was enrolled into the famous academy for the children of noble. It depicts him climbing up from the lowest of the caste system while facing the cruel fate that is filled with encounters and separations.

The title of episode 10 is “A Spirit’s Awakening”.
After returning to the spirit folk’s village, Rio found a naked unknown beauty next to him when he woke up the next morning.
Latifa and the other girls from the village become lively when they looked inside the room, but it was revealed that the beauty is the contracted spirits of “Haruto (Rio)”.

Rio named her “Aishia”.
Then, the spirit of the forest, Dryas appears as she sensed the presence of a powerful spirit, and she urges for a fight with the mysterious Aishia to find out about her power…

The broadcast date of episode 10 “A Spirit’s Awakening” of “Spirit Chronicles” is on September 6 (Monday), on TV Tokyo and other channels.

◆TV Broadcast
TV Tokyo: Every Monday at 2:00 AM~, starting from July 5
※ Episode 8 was delayed for 5minutes, the broadcast is at 2:05 AM
BS Fuji: Every Tuesday at 12:30 AM~, starting from July 6
AT-X: Every Tuesday at 10:30 PM~
(Re-runs: Every Thursday at 10:30 PM/ Every Monday at 4:30 PM)

※The broadcast is available at online websites sequentially.

Original Creator: Kitayama Yuri “Spirit Chronicles” (HJ Bunko/ Hobby Japan)
Original Character Design: Riv
Director, Series Composition: Yamasaki Osamu
Script: Yamasaki Osamu, Hirota Mitsutaka, Sasano Megumu, Nakamura Yoshiko
Character Design: Yufu Kyouko
Art Director: Segawa Takehiko
Color Design: Kohioki Tomoko
Photography Director: Teramoto Norimasa
Editing: Yanagi Keisuke
Music: Yamazaki Yasuyuki
Music Production: Nippon Colombia, TMS Music
Sound Director: Morishita Hiroto
Sound Effect: Yaso Shouta
Sound Production: Kanon Sound
Animation Production Partners: Wao World
Animation Production: TMS Entertainment

◆Cast Members
Rio: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Rio (Young): Suwabe Ayaka
Celia Claire: Fujita Akane
Aishia: Kuwahara Yuuki
Latifa: Kusunoki Tomori
Ayase Miharu: Harada Sayaka
Christina Beltrum: Suzushiro Sayumi
Flora Beltrum: Hondo Kaede
Roanna Fontaine: Kaneko Sayaka
Alfred Emerle: Hamada Kenji
Liselotte Cretia: Touyama Nao
Sara: Nitta Hiyori
Orphia: Shutou Yukina
Alma: Nishi Asuka

(C) Kitayama Yuri, Hobby Japan/ “Spirit Chronicles” Production Committee