TV anime “Turnabout World’s Battery Girl” has been decided on October 2021. Together with the announcement, the information on the main casts, including Yamashita Seiichirou and Fairouz Ai, the teaser visual, and the 1st PV were revealed.

This is the complete original animation series by the director Andou Masaomi, who has directed “Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun” and “School-Live!”.

Series structure leader is Uezu Makoto(wrote “Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplae”), the basic character designer is Watanabe Akio (designed characters in “Bakemonogatari” and others), the character designer is Kurosawa Keiko (“Astora Lost in Space”), and the anime production will be directed by EGG FIRM (“Kandagawa JET GIRLS”).

The teaser visual and the introduction were released this time.
The story is set in another world “Real Japan”, where the division to other world appeared in 2019, and the sky and the land flipped due to the incident.
Sub-cultures, including manga, anime and idols, were eliminated in this world due to the invasion from Real Japanese Empire, the parallel nation that continues to be Showa era while being ruled by the army . The girls from mysterious agency “Arahabaki” will resist against the empire to protect the sub-cultures.

The main casts were revealed together with the PV.
Kudou Hosomichi, who is forced to repay the debt of his parents and is working as a host in Kabuki-cho, will be played by Yamashita Seiichirou. Anime and Tokusatsu-lover Akagi Rin will be played by Fairouz Ai. The underground idol Aoba Yuuki is played by Suzuki Aina. The genius hacker and the retro game lover Kuroki Misa is played by Izawa Shiori. The casts comments are posted on the official website.

TV anime “Turnabout World’s Battery Girl” will start from October 2021.

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