The production of the stage adaptation “SK8 the Infinity”, called “SK8 the Infinity The Stage” has been decided. The latest anime project has also been started.

“SK8 the Infinity” is an original anime, where the director is Utsumi Hiroko (“Free!” and “Banana Fish”), the series composition and script by Ookouchi Ichirou (“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”), and animation produced by Bones (“My Hero Academia”). The first season of the TV anime was broadcast in January 2021.
The story takes place at an abandoned mine and it depicts the skateboard race featuring the unique skateboarders, including the 2nd high school student, Reki, who is addicted to the no-rule and secret race “S” where they slide down the hill on the skateboard.

During the night performance of the special event “SK8 the Infinity The Love Masquerade” on July 4, the stage adaptation of this work was announced under the name “SK8 the Infinity The Stage”. The performance on part 1 is scheduled for December 2021, while part 2 is scheduled for January 2022.
It was announced that the latest anime project has started.

Do look forward to the future announcement on the detailed information, on the official website.

(C) Bones, Utsumi Hiroko/ Project SK8