The broadcast of the special program “‘Sonny Boy’ Broadcast Commemoration Program! Premium Night” has been decided. It will feature the main cast members of the original anime “Sonny Boy” (Broadcast starts on July 15, 2021), which are Ichikawa Aoi, Oonishi Saori, Yuuki Aoi, and Kobayashi Chiaki, as they introduce the allure of this work. The information on the additional characters and cast members have been announced as well.

“Sonny Boy” has “One Punch Man”‘s Natsume Shingo as the director, script writer, Madhouse in charge of the animation production, Eguchi Hisashi as the original character designer and Ging Nang Boyz as the theme song singer. It is a youth science-fiction work.
On a certain day of summer, the school suddenly drifted to another dimension, and the 36 teenage boys and girls at the school awoken to their supernatural abilities as they try to survive in that unreasonable world.

“‘Sonny Boy’ Broadcast Commemoration Program! Premium Night” will have the main cast member talk in detail on the unique world setting and the secrets of this work, as well as the advance screening of the first part of episode 1 “Island at the End of Summer”.

It was also announced that Gotou Hiroki will voice Rajdhani, Naitou Ami will voice Akehoshi, Satou Hana will voice Pony, Ueda Youji will voice Cap, Yamamoto Shouta will voice Hayato, and Ogino Kana will voice Shanghai.
The comments from each cast member have been released.

“Sonny Boy” will start broadcasting on July 15, on TOKYO MX.

Rajdhani, voiced by Gotou Hiroki
He is a genius, who is making efforts to unravel “this world”.
As he will be doing a lot of explanations, I hope that the audience won’t think “What is this guy talking about”…!
Please watch over him warmly despite he will have some weird actions sometime!

— Introduction of Character
He is a clearheaded young boy with an exotic look. After getting drifted to another world, he has a strong sense of curiosity and he focuses on unraveling this world together with Nagara and Nozomi. His ability is “Pocket Computer” which allows him to reflect the program in the actual world. I believe that his ability will be the turning point in the survival life of Nagara and the others.

Akehoshi, voiced by Naitou Ami
As this is an original anime with no original work, I always flip through the script nervously while looking forward to the next developments.
What happening now? What will happen afterward? Please do watch it with your own eyes!

— Introduction of Character
Her charm point is the star-like birthmark below her left eye. Despite her baby face, she has quite a mature attitude. In order to recover from the confusing situation after being drifted, she has done various actions behind the scenes, such as incite Cap to be the leader. Her ability is “Hope” that let her materialize her thoughts.

Pony, voiced by Satou Hana
This is a story that only exists inside of director Natsume’s head. I had read the script over and over again. The child-like thoughts and choices by the teenage boys and girls, who are still junior high school students, allow the adults me to think about it again as a child. Do look forward to it!

— Introduction of Character
She is the student council president, who doesn’t speak much and has a cold expression. Due to her position, she is often seen in gathering the students and often works together with Akehoshi. Her ability is “Switch” that allow her to switch the things she touched.

Cap, voiced by Ueda Youji
This character has a realistic body build and as he is a junior high school student, it is an advantage for the voice actor. (haha)
He is immature in both the mind and body. As he is an excessively self-conscious person, I will do my best to express the wavering heart of this teenage boy that is trying to survive the current situation.

— Introduction of Character
He is a teenage boy with a big body build with the baseball cap as his trademark. After being drifted, he becomes the leader of the students due to a certain circumstance as he is a kind and careful person. He seems close to Nagara as they are both affiliated to the same junior baseball team. His ability is the “All-purpose Clubroom” that allows him to create various things by concentrating in a room alone.

Hayato, voiced by Yamamoto Shouta
As the character is a third-year junior high school student, I was able to enjoy the recording as it made me feel younger.
Hayato is a childhood friend of Nagara.
His ability is “Making his finger glow”
What will you do if you can make your finger glow?

— Introduction of Character
He has a good personality and one of the few friends of Nagara. After being requested by Akehoshi, he recorded the ability of the students in his notepad. His ability is “ET”, where he can make his finger glow to be use as a light source.

Shanghai, voiced by Ogino Kana
I am voicing Shanghai-chan in a cute and straight-forward manner while feeling the language barrier.
Please do look forward to the cute Shanghai-chan!

— Introduction of Character
As she is a transfer student, she mostly speaks in Chinese. She joins a stylish group and often works together with Ace. Her ability is “Denki Biri Biri” (lit. Electric Shock), where she can controls electromagnetism.

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