Natsume Shingo from “One Punch Man” will write the scripts, MAD HOUSE will be in charge of the production, Eguchi Hisashi will design the characters, and GinnanBOYZ will be singing the main theme song for the original animation called “Sonny Boy” (Scheduled on July 15, 2021). The PV and key visual have arrived. Moreover, the earliest arrival and streaming of episode 1 will be held from 8:00 PM of June 19, 2021.

“Sonny Boy” is a collaboration youth sci-fi ensemble drama of the director Natsume Shingo and MAD HOUSE.
One day of summer vacation, the middle school being deserted into a different dimension, and a group of 36 students gain the superpowers for survival in the world with unacceptable rules and events.

Moreover, the characters will be designed by Eguchi Hisashi, a manga author and illustrator active in various genres, and the main theme song will be sung by GinnanBOYZ, and the title of the song is “Shonen Shojo” (Boys and girls). The participation of Ichikawa Sou for Nagara, Oonishi Saori for Nozomi, Yuuki Aoi for Mizuho, and Kobayashi Chiaki for Asakaze have been decided as well.

“Sonny Boy” will be broadcast from 0:30 AM of July 15 at TOKYO MX and other channels. The earliest online streaming of episode 1 will be held from 8:00 PM to 8:25 PM of June 19 at “Shochiku” YouTube channel.

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