The theme and 13 performers of the 2021 “Ad-Live” have been announced “Ad-Live” is a stage performance that is managed by Suzumura Kenichi as the general producer and it featured many popular voice actors, where all their lines are ad-lib.

“Ad-Live” is a stage performance, where it only has a simple world setting with only certain fixed happenings, and all the roles of the performers and their lines are ad-lib. The performance last year has caused a storm due to its revenue from the online performance as the stage production was created in the miraculous collaboration with the mysterious creator expert, SCRAP.

“Ad-Live 2021” will feature 13 performers, where 5 of them are appearing for the first time and they are Sugita Tomokazu, Suwabe Junichi, Hatanaka Tasuku, Enoki Junya, and Yasumoto Hiroki. With the theme of “if ~False and True Thoughts~” that is composed of dual-structures, which is significantly different than previous years, it will have a total of 12 performances over the span of 6 days.
The comments from the performers, including Kimura Subaru, Suwabe Junichi, Hatanaka Tasuku, and Yasumoto Hiroki, have been released.

“Ad-Live 2021” will be held from September to October, in Saitama, Tokyo, and Osaka over the spans of 6 days.

Suzumura Kenichi
This year, it will feature a gorgeous lineup of performers! All of the performances will feature unpredictable members (haha). And also the dual-structures that are necessary to produce the development of the impromptu performance! I believe that this year’s performance will be quite different from the previous years, so do look forward to it!

Kimura Subaru
I am thankful for being able to appear for two years consecutively. This time, I will be doing the leading. So, Sugita-san, it would be fine if you just follow my lead. We will go all out on the first day. So, please anticipate it!

Sugita Tomokazu
I thought that I have no connection to this gorgeous world and since I have no confidence, I told Suzumura-san that “If I have someone to partner with…” And the result of that is the rare positive monster!

Suwabe Junichi
I thought that my voice will only deliver in front of the microphone, but I am trembling in fear for this challenge. However, I will try my best to create a miracle just like how a cornered rat will bite a cat!

Yoshino Hiroyuki
This is my third time appearing for three consecutive years. I am grateful for this opportunity given by Suzumura-shi and also the staff of Ad-Live. I will do my best in enjoying this performance with my greatest rival (friend)!!! I am always serious!!!

Hatanaka Tasuku
I panic a bit since I not sure how to ad-lib, so I give up on thinking about it! I will be relying on my body instead!! I will do my best! Please look forward to it!

Yashiro Taku
I am glad to be able to appear in this year as well! This time, I will give it my all and enjoys the story till the end together with my partner Hatanaka Tasuku, who is close to my age! I will do my best!

Enoki Junya
I’m Enoki Junya, who will be participating in Ad-Live for the first time. This seems like quite a difficult stage performance, but all my uneasiness is gone when I found out that my partner is Morikubo-san. I will be tackling this performance in my own way.

Morikubo Showtaro
My partner this year is Enoki Junya, who I have a lot of connection with this year! This is the first time I am working together with him in a performance. So, do look forward to our performance!

Shimono Hiro
How long has it been… long time no see, I’m Shimono! I not sure what will happen in my performance with Maeno-kun in “Ad-Live 2021”, but let’s me say this… there will be singing! Do look forward to it!!!

Maeno Tomokazu
I’m Maeno, who will be challenging this again. I am feeling anxious and have a bit of hope in this stage performance with no answer. I hope that the hope will give birth to a miracle, so I will do my best and jump toward Shimono-san’s chest!

Aoi Shouta
I’m Aoi Shouta. I will be participating in this year’s performance as well! And my partner is Yasumoto-san, so I am quite looking forward to it! I will be creating something interesting!

Yasumoto Hiroki
Nice to meet you, I’m Yasumoto Hiroki. I heard about Ad-Live from the rumors for a long time ago, but I can’t believe that I will be participating in it. However, as I have accepted it, I will be doing my best in it. So, please look forward to it. I will be in your care as well, Shouta-kun.

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