For the TV anime “Getter Robo Arc”, Ishikawa Hideo, who played Nagare Ryouma in “Change!! Getter Robo: The Last Day of the Earth”, will continue to play the same role in the upcoming series. In addition, Yanada Kiyoyuki, Sasaki Nozomu, Sugo Takayuki, Tadano Youhei, Iwata Mitsuo, Paku Romi, Hashi Takaya, Tachiki Fumihiko, Shimamoto Sumi, and Ogata Kenichi’s appearance has been announced, and the comments from each actor have arrived.

“Getter Robo Arc” is the first animation adaptation of the final chapter of “Getter Robo Saga”, a story of 3 young boys and their robots fiercely fighting the Earth-threatening invaders with their bodies like metals and hearts that burns strong.
Under the direction by director Kawagoe Jun, who produced “Change!! Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo” and “New Getter Robo”, the animation production will be directed by Bee・Media (produced OVA “Getter Robo” series) and studio A-CAT of “LBX Girls”.

There were 11 additional casts being announced this time, and Ishikawa Hideo, who played Nagare Ryouma in “Change!! Getter Robo: The Last Day of the Earth” will continue to play the same character in the upcoming series.
Yanada Kiyoyuki will play Kuruma Benkei, Sasaki Nozomi will play Tyr, Sugo Takayuki will play Dr. Saotome, Tadano Youhei will play Dr. Shikishima, Iwata Mitsuo will play Captain Iga Toshi, Paku Romi will play the Queen Meldousa, Hashi Takaya will play Komei, Tachiki Fumihiko will play McDonald, Shimamoto Sumi will play Nagare Ryou, and Ogata Kenichi will play Dr. Han.

They will cheer up “Getter Robo Arc” together with Uchida Yuuma (the protagonist Nagare Takuma), Mukaino Arimaro (Kamui Shou) and Sunseki Kazuhiro (Yamagishi Baku) and Uchida Naoya (Jin Hayato).

TV anime “Getter Robo Arc” will be broadcast from July 4, 2021 at AT-X and other channels.
In addition on the official Twitter, the countdown PV will be released every day at noon from June 27, a week before the release.

【Ishikawa Hideo/Nagare Ryouma】
Seventeen years have passed since “New Getter Robo” and I am surprised that there will be the new Getter Robo in the age of Reiwa, and that will be released through TV. Also, the series is so great because they are inherited over 3 era; the first Getter Robo was in Showa, Change!! Getter Robo was in Heisei, and now Arc is born in Reiwa. This is the fourth time for me to play Ryouma. I want to watch the life of Takuma, who inherited the fate of Getters, and new fights of new Getter teams together with fans.

【Yanada Kiyoyuki/Kuruma Benkei】
Those of you who want to get stimulated, why don’t you watch “Getter Robo Arc”? There are things similar to “rope walking at the circus” in the world. What is courage? What is power? Life? Let’s think it together? Wake up, already! Be passionate, desperate, and live hard! Even by yourself, do your best, face forward, with your own will, and live strong! Do not shame yourself with your decisions. See you at “Getter Robo Arc”.

【Sasaki Nozomi/Tyr】
As the manga fans know, Tyr is such a mysterious character. She is the leader of a religious group and has a strong relationship with Getter, and it is interesting as her voice actress to play her in the different position compared to other characters. I am excited to see how the story develops by playing my character in “Getter Robo Arc”. Please enjoy the anime by looking back and forward to Getter Robo Series!

【Sugou Takayuki/Dr. Saotome】
I didn’t appear often, but I feel accomplished by completing my work. Please enjoy large world, impressive performances and passionate voicing of “Getter Robo Arc”!

【Tadano Youhei/Dr. Shikishiima】
I belong to the same actor’s group Theater Echo, where the first actor of Dr. Shikishima, Yada Kouji-san, belongs. I am honored to receive this role from my senior. He is the abnormality who sometimes say things not understandable, a mad scientist, but I will do my best, since this is a difficult role to play.

【Iwata Mitsuo/Captain Iga Toshi】
To be honest, I was surprised when I received the offer. Getter Robo, which I watched in Showa era, is now becoming new series in Reiwa, and I am in the staff list! This is the best opportunity that I could imagine. When I heard about it from the office staff, I reacted, “You sure!?” lol “Getter Robo” series is continued over 3 ages of Showa, Heisei and Reiwa. Please look forward to the universal coolness and the quality of expression adjusted for each age. Please enjoy it!

【Paku Romi/ Queen Meldousa】
I was excited that I can play a villain in the wonderful work. Let me bloom…the flower of evilness…well, she doesn’t think things like this, and she has her own uniqueness. I will understand her as I play the leader of Andromeda Country. Manga is the incomplete legend, and Meldousa only appeared with her names… I hope I can add new essence to it, so please look forward to my acting.

【Hashi Takaya/Komei】
When I received “Getter Robo” script and my role in it was “Komei”… so I first thought my role is Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdom Period. But he was actually a bug human when I looked him up! What is going on? My first impression was totally off the point, and Komei should be connected with his job, the strategist. My goal now is to express Komei’s own justice, and not to connect an opponent as a villain. Let’s see how it develops.

【Tachiki Fumihiko/McDonald】
I feel special about being the part of legendary Getter Robo series and famous Nagai work in this era. I always remind myself to play the character in complex relationship with the protagonist dynamically every episode. I want to deliver the charms of the villains through robots to both old and new fans of Getter series!

【Shimamoto Sumi/ Nagare Ryou】
I knew about Getter Robo series, but this is the first time to participate…so I first attended the recording session without any advanced research. I recorded by myself to avoid Covid-19 infection. Although it was a short scene, I fully enjoyed it (with my emotions). Please feel everlasting love toward her husband and son. Please cheer up the son♪

【Ogata Kenichi/ Dr. Han】
I am now the part of it! I was excited, because I made the debut with Getter Robo. I am Dr. Han of Dinosaur Empire, not Admiral Bad. I was confused, because I was so motivated to play the villain first, but I realized that I was asked to play the mature role with the important role given. This is the role of raising younger generations to make the dinosaur humans and ordinary humans coexist. This is IMPORTANT. It is good to enjoy the young voice actors’ voice, but please think about the message that the anime has.

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