The broadcast date and time for the TV anime “Getter Robo Arc” has been decided. At the same time, the third PV featuring the OP theme by JAM Project and character voices performed by Uchida Yuma, Mukaino Arimaro, and Sunseki Kazuhiro has been released. This work will start airing on July 4, 2021.

“Getter Robo Arc” is the final chapter of the “Getter Robo Saga” series, which began with the manga “Getter Robo” by Nagai Gou and Ishikawa Ken, serialized in 1974.

The third PV features the character voices of Nagare Takuma, the main character aboard the Getter Robot, played by Uchida Yuma; Kamui Shaw, played by Mukaino Arimaro; Yamagishi Baku, played by Sunseki Kazuhiro; and Uchida Naoya, who plays Jin Hayato, as well as the opening theme song, “Bloodlines~Unmei no Kettou~” by JAM Project.
Takuma, Kamui, and Baku merging and unleashing the call “Change! Getter Ark!!” is the most exciting video that foreshadows the intense battle to come.

The third key visual has a more dynamic design than the previous ones, showing Getter Kirik, Getter Kahn, Takuma, Kamui, Baku, Hayato, and others facing off against the enemy with the Getter Arc at the center, with rich expressions and dynamic designs.

The TV anime “Getter Robo Arc” will start airing on AT-X, TOKYO MX and other stations from July 4, 2021.

(c)Nagai Gou, Ishikawa Ken/Dynamic Planning, New Saotome Institute