The first volume of “Niramekko”, the latest work by Kuze Gaku, known for “Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan”, will be released on June 16, 2021. To celebrate the release, a PV featuring voice actors Yusa Kouji Yusa and Tsuda KenjiroKenjiro Tsuda has been released.

“Niramekko” is a comic by Kuze Gaku that is serialized in “Young Animal ZEROZero”.

A young comedian, Mizuyoshi Rei, is sharing a house with five other comedians, including his partner, Asaki Kazu.
He says, “I just want to make you laugh”. Putting his pure passion for his partner into his material, Mizuyoshi takes the stage today.
The comic is a coming-of-age graffiti depicting the lives of young comedians.

In the PV, Yusa Kouji plays Mizuyoshi Rei, and Tsuda Kenjiro plays Asagi Kazu.

The first volume of “Niramekko” is priced at 897 JPY (tax included). It is currently on sale at bookstores nationwide.

(C) Kuze Gaku/Shiraizensha