From “Rebuild of Evangelion”, “Evangelion Unit-13” becomes a massive 79cm-tall figure. Pre-orders are currently available on the “Prime 1 Studio” official website.

The figure was created in collaboration with “Josh Nizzi, an artist who works on mechanic designs in many Hollywood films, and while keeping the essence of the original design, it is a completely new version of “Evangelion Unit-13”.

The monstrous design of the four arms, the three-dimensional beauty of the two Spears of Longinus, and the pose with its right arm in the air as if it were roaring… The power that emanates from every part of the figure draws those who see it into the world of “Evangelion”.

While being stylish, the design also is convincing, as if it were an actual weapon of war. Don’t forget to check out the heavy metallic paint job and the beauty expressed with fluorescent colors.

The DX version comes with an additional head part that lights up with an LED to recreate its eyes turning red and a left hand wielding an original sword that was designed by rearranging the Spear of Longinus.

The destroyed buildings are inspired by the buildings in Tokyo-3, and also, don’t miss the fine details in the base such as the remainings of Mark.06.

“Ultimate Diorama Master Line Rebuild of Evangelion Evangelion Unit-13 (Concept By Josh Nizzi) DX Version” is priced at 184,690 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available on the “Prime 1 Studio” official website and the figure is scheduled to be released around September to December 2022.

(C) khara