“Di Gi Charat” announced a new project called “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” as a celebration of the franchise’s 24th anniversary in 2022.

Along with the start of the new project, the production of a mini anime series which will reunite the original cast and staff, was also announced.
The familiar characters will be joined by the Broccoli goddess, “Brocco-Desu”, and a new character “Bushirodo-No-Mikoto”, Bushiroad’s deity guardian.

Additionally, the show “Unexpected Big News from Di Gi Charat Special!” which featured the returning cast members Sanada Asami (Di Gi Charat), Sawashiro Miyuki (Petit Charat), and Hikami Kyoko (Rabi-en-Rose), is available on Broccoli’s official Youtube channel until Jun. 20 at 23:59.

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