As part of the 『Sister Princess』20th anniversary project, one of the 12 sister from the series, Karen is announced to have a Virtual Youtuber (V Tuber) debut. 「Karen」’s first live stream is announced to be aired on her birthday which is 23th of September. Past works are also currently streaming for free on the official Youtube channel.

『Sister Princess』was first created as part of the reader participation project and was serialized in 「Dengeki G’s magazine」March issue back in 1999. With the illustrator Naoto Tenhiro’s detailed and glamorous art and the”Little sisters’ heart-warming letters episode”directed by storyboard writer Sakurako Kimino which had a great affection from fans, further expanding the series through adaptations of light novels, games, character CD, TV Anime, radio broadcast, music unit castings and various other media mix gaining more attention.

A Blu-ray BOX was released for sale to celebrate the 15th anime adaptation anniversary back in March 2017.
Back in September 2018, at the live event 「KING SUPER LIVE 2018」, the performance of the anime main theme song artists and the voice actor unit “Prits”‘s birth from the anime all happened in that one night only, attracting a lot of attention.

In order to welcome the work’s 20th anniversary in 2019, in 「Dengeki G’s magazine」released on August 30th, a new project regarding one of the 12 sisters 「Karen」was announced, now the fans of the series also known as “Big brothers”are all getting uproarious.
Furthermore, a special website was started on September 9th along with 「VTuber Karen」’s first live stream date being announced as well.

Also, on the official YouTube channel starting from September 9, 26 episodes of『Sister Princess』and 13 episodes of 『Sister Princess Re Pure』 from the past TV series will be distributed free of charge for a limited time, airing one episode per day.

(C)Sister Princess 20th Project
(C)Naoto Tenhiro・Sakurako Kimino/KADOKAWA