Netflix, the world’s biggest online streaming service, has announced 3 new anime titles at Geeked Week, an online event held in North America from June 7 to June 11.

The first title announced is ‘MAKE MY DAY’ by Yasuo Otagaki, who is known for ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt’ and ‘MOONLIGHT MILE’. ‘MAKE MY DAY’ will be a large-scale sci-fi action that takes place on a barren planet.
The second title, ‘Exception’, will be a space horror anime series written by Hirotaka Adachi, also known as Otsuichi. Yoshitaka Amano, a modern artist who is known for the ‘Final Fantasy’ series, will be in charge of character design.
Lastly, ‘Bright: Samurai Soul’, directed by Kyohei Ishiguro, the director of ‘Your Lie in April’ and ‘Children of the Whales’, was announced. This series will be based on the world of the Hollywood movie ‘Bright’ starring Will Smith but will take place in Japan from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.

Teaser art for the 3 anime titles was also released with the announcement.
Stay tuned for more updates including cast and release dates!