The Netflix original anime series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, which will be the first CG drama series in the milestone survival horror game “Resident Evil” series, will be streamed exclusively on Netflix worldwide on July 8, 2021. The music for this epic story is composed by Kanno Yugo, who is known for his work on the game series “Nioh” and the anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
Ahead of the release of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, we’ll be looking at some of the hit titles that Kanno has composed for that “you can watch right now” on Netflix.

“PSYCHO-PASS” is a popular suspense and action series set in the near future where personalities can now be quantified.

It takes place in the year 2112 A.D., where a system called “Sibyl” has made it possible to quantify people’s psychological states and personality tendencies. In this future world, crimes are measured as “Crime Coefficient” and judged by the “Dominator,” a gun linked to the Sibyl System. Tsunemori Akane, a newly appointed surveillance officer assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section 1 of the Public Security Bureau, heads to the scene of the crime ……, bewildered by the current situation where she has the right and power to judge people with the “Dominator.”

While cleverly expressing the serious world that unfolds in the story, many fans are thrilled by Kanno’s BGM in the works that give a sense of speed and excitement of the near future.

“Levius” is a steampunk action work about a boy who immerses himself in the ultimate martial art of “Mechanical Martial Arts”, a fusion of human body and machine.

The story is set in the 19th century of the new history, where “steam” is used to power everything. Levius, a boy who lost his father and his right arm in the war, develops his talent for “Mechanical Martial Arts” under his uncle Zack. It was broadcast on TV from January 2021, and has been attracting attention for its unique worldview and appealing characters.
Kanno has expressed the unforgettable past of each character through the fragile and melancholic music, while enlivening the sweaty battles in the steampunk world.

“Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan”
“Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan” is a spin-off OVA from the “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” series, which was also made into a popular live-action film.

The main character is Kishibe Rohan, a slightly eccentric manga artist who appears in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable”, and the story is about the strange things he sees and hears in the places he visits to gather manga ideas. Rohan is modeled after Araki Hirohiko, the author of the manga, and in 2020, it was adapted into a live-action film by NHK with actor Takahashi Issei in the lead role.
Kanno’s music creates a mysterious and creepy atmosphere, while giving a sense of the world of “JoJo,” and even first-time viewers are sure to be drawn in by its charm.

“Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”
“Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is the Netflix anime series that is the first CG drama adaptation of the classic “Resident Evil” series, which pioneered the new genre of “survival horror” by brilliantly recreating the “terror” of using weapons and items to survive desperate situations in video games.

In 2006, the White House was hacked by someone, and U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy, who was called to investigate, encountered unidentified zombies in the suddenly blacked-out White House, and worked with SWAT to subdue it. On the other hand, Claire Redfield, a staff of TerraSave, encountered a strange drawing by an aphasic boy while in Penamstan to help refugees, and the drawing, which seemed to depict a person infected with a virus, led her to conduct her own investigation.
Two zombie outbreaks in distant countries eventually led to a situation that shakes the nation…

Kanno’s music inherits the worldview of the “Resident Evil series,” which is reminiscent of anxiety and fear, while the fierce action scenes in which Leon tackles with a cool expression will make you feel a sense of speed and dynamism more than ever before.

With “PSYCHO-PASS”, “Levius”, and “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan” ……. We can’t wait for “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” to be released exclusively worldwide on July 8. We hope you enjoy the world of Kanno, who brings out the charm of the characters and makes the story exciting.

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