The second PV and additional cast members have been released for “Ore, Tsushima” which is scheduled to start airing on July 2, 2021. It was also announced that “Ore, Tsushima” will be distributed on YouTube’s Asmik Ace channel, and that an original story not depicted in the TV anime version will be distributed from July 5.

This work is based on a comic of the same title that started on Twitter in July 2017 and has sold a total of 420,000 copies.
One day, a cat-loving “Ojii-chan” (meaning “grandfather” in Japanese, but is actually a woman) meets a talking cat. The impudent former stray cat is named “Tsushima”. The story depicts her daily life with her Ojii-chan’s other cat, “Miss Zun”, the sweet and timid “Cha”, and the lone wolf (?) “Osamu”.

The PV captures the joyful daily life of the free-spirited Tsushima, Ojii-chan, and the cats that live with him. At the end of the video, a bit of the web animation was also shown.

The cast of Tsushima’s friends, Miss Zun, Cha, and Osamu, who live at Ojii-chan’s house, were also announced. Everyone’s Madonna, Zun, will be played by Koyama Mami , the spoiled youngest child, Cha, will be played by Okamoto Nobuhiko, and the neighborhood cat, Osamu, will be played by Matsuyama Takashi.

The TV anime “Ore, Tsushima” will start airing on July 2, 2021 in the “Super Anime Ism” slot on the MBS/TBS network of 28 stations nationwide. It will also start streaming on YouTube’s Asmik Ace channel on the same day.

(C) Opuu no Kyodai, Shogakukan/Ore, Tsushima Production Committee 2021