“Ore, Tsushima (I’m Tsushima)” will become an anime adaptation in the summer of 2021. It is written by Opuu no Kyodai, and depicts cats’ daily life and funny, moving episodes. Along with the news, the key visual featuring the protagonist ‘Tsushima’ has been released, and the cast, including Otsuka Akio and Tanaka Mayumi, has been announced.

This work is based on the comic with the same title, which was released on Twitter in July 2017, and total copies of which exceeded 420,000.
‘Ojii-chan (the meaning is “grandfather / old man”, but actually the character is a woman)’ who likes cats meets a cat that can speak(?). The name of the cat with a bad attitude is ‘Tsushima’, and he used to be a stray cat. The story follows Tsushima living with ‘Zun-neesan’, who came to Ojii-chan’s house before, ‘Cha’, who is spoiled and coward, and ‘Osamu’, who is a loner and strolling around the area.

The cast will be Otsuka Akio and Tanaka Mayumi. Otsuka will play a brown tabby cat ‘Tsushima’, and Tanaka will play ‘Ojii-chan’. They also left some comments full of love for ‘Tsushima’.
Aoki Jun, known for “Pop Team Epic”, will be in charge of the director and scenario writer, and Fanworks, known for “Sumikko Gurashi The Movie – The Pop-up Book and the Secret Child”, will handle the animation production.

“Ore, Tsushima” will be on air from the summer of 2021.

Otsuka Akio as Tsushima
I am Otsuka Akio as Tsushima. That’s so fun!!
I am playing a cat! I can play freely as I like!
My partner is very experienced. So fun to be with.
So fun to talk with. The original work is also great.
I am past 60, and I wonder if I am okay to be this happy.
I feel very grateful.
I want to do this for 30 more years.
Thank you very much!

Tanaka Mayumi as Ojii-chan
I will play Oba-chan(old lady) who is called “Ojii-chan(grandfather / old man)”, and I think it is the perfect role for me. Tsushima-san is cool. I also like Tsushima-san just as Oba-chan called Ojii-chan.

(C)Opuu no Kyodai, Shogakukan / Ore, Tsushima Production Committee 2021