From the TV anime “My Hero Academia” season 5, a synopsis and sneak peek of episode 98 ‘That Which Is Inherited’, which will be broadcast at 5:30 p.m. on May 29 (Sat), 2021, have been arrived.

“My Hero Academia” is a hero action based on a manga by Horikoshi Kohei, which is currently serialized in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’.
Season 5 of the TV anime depicts Deku’s next trial to be “the best hero”, which is a battle of egos with Class 1-B. The students are very excited about the battle for the first time since a sports festival. At the same time, “something” is awakening in Deku.

In episode 98, the battle between Class A and Class B is coming to an end. The Class A team consists of Midoriya Izuku (CV. Yamashita Daiki), Uraraka Ochaco (CV. Sakura Ayane), Ashido Mina (CV. Kitamura Eri), and Mineta Minoru (CV. Hirohashi Ryo), and the Class B team consists of Monoma Neito (CV. Amasaki Kohei), Yanagi Reiko, Shoda Nirengeki, Kodai Yui, and Shinso Hitoshi (CV. Hatano Wataru). The battle is about to break out!

Deku, the ace of the team, becomes a decoy and confronts Monoma. To see Monoma being provocative, he tries to use his technique. However, something abnormal occurs…!?

There will be a glimpse of the secret of ‘One for All’, which is Deku’s “quirk”……!

“That Which Is Inherited”, episode 98 of “My Hero Academia” season 5, will be broadcast at 5:30 p.m. on May 29 (Sat), 2021, on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV franchised 29 channels.

(C)Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee