Polygon Pictures Inc., a company known for “Knights of Sidonia” and other titles, will establish Polygon Studios India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary in Thane, a satellite city of Mumbai, India, as a new business base, specializing in the rigging process, which requires particular technical knowledge and experience in CG image production.

Recruiting rig process artists in an extremely technical field in CG video production, is very competitive worldwide, and the shortage of human resources is a major issue.
Silver Ant-PPI Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Polygon Pictures and Malaysia, has a large number of artists from India who have been actively recruited overseas. Taking advantage of this track record, Polygon India was able to recruit former Polygon Pictures and Silver Ant-PPI artists who had returned to India to build a team that would be immediately effective.
Polygon India will also play a role in ensuring smooth communication and production direction with local partners, as the company has a number of outsourcing partners in India.

The CEO of Polygon India is Sandeep Bethria, who worked as a technical director at Polygon Pictures before joining Silver Ant-PPI at its inception and serving on the board of Silver Ant-PPI until 2019. He has a thorough understanding of the quality, productivity, and pipeline required to produce high-end productions for Polygon Pictures.
Shiota Shuzo, President of Polygon Pictures, and Jack Liang, General Manager of the Production Department 1, who have been focusing on developing overseas markets for many years, will also join Polygon India as executives.

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