The outline and sneak peek of episode 6 “Walking Bet SAGA” of the TV anime “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” (Broadcast date: May 13, 2021) have been released.

“Zombie Land Saga Revenge” is about the mysterious idol’s producer, Tatsumi Koutarou, who formed the local idol group “Franchouchou”, consisting of the 7 legendary girls that he revived as zombies. This is the 2nd season of the “Brand-new Zombie Idol Anime”, “Zombie Land Saga” that depicts their efforts to save Saga Prefecture.

The title of episode 6 is “Walking Bet SAGA”.
Money is important when living. It also important to them, who are dead.

A more efficient method to earn money is necessary to regain their reputation from the failure at the Ekimae Fudousan Stadium.

I will let them comprehend again that they required a producer! Life is not a game of gamble. Success is obtained by self-diligent.

… First, I have to think about how to sell this pot at a high price.
– From “Tatsumi Koutarou”‘s diary

The broadcast date of episode 6 “Walking Bet SAGA” of “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” is on May 13, 2021 (Thursday), on TOKYO MX.

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