The Japanese version poster of Disney & Pixar’s latest work “Luca” (release exclusively at Disney+ on June 18) has been revealed. The director’s commentary video and the trailer with new scenes have been released as well.

“Luca” takes place in a beautiful seaside city in northern Italy.
The residents of Port Rosso are scared of the sea monsters that they have never seen before, and the sea monsters are afraid of the humans as well.
As both of them fear each other, the human and sea monsters don’t interact with each other.
However, the young sea monster Luca, who is able to transform into a human if he dries his body, is unable to hold his admiration and curiosity of the unknown world, so he takes a trip to the human world.

The Japanese version poster depicts the two worlds, “above ground” and “inside sea” with the water surface as the border and at the center, the main protagonist Luca floating on the sea while looking up at the summer sky can be seen.
At first glance, he seems like a young boy, but if you at the sea, you will be able to see the appearance of the “sea monster”.
Do check out the adventure of Luca, who has a “secret” that human must not see.

In the commentary video, the director Enrico Casarosa, who is a Japanophile that loves Ghibli, greeted in Japanese with “Konnicha Japan (Hello Japan)”
Also, the director revealed the hidden message of this work, saying, “This film is depicting the tale of all the human that are facing the life’s trials as well as their bravery in chasing their dream” as it seems that this work is inspired by his actual experience when he was young,

“Luca” will be released exclusively at Disney+ on June 18.

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