A total of 24 “Aoni Production” voice actors, including Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi “Attack on Titan”), Shimazaki Nobunaga (Mahito “Jujutsu Kaisen”), Kouno Marika (Silence Suzuka “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”), will gather together at the 2-hour special of ‘Nakai Masahiro no Kin-youbi no Smile Tachi he’, which will be broadcast on May 7, 2021.

“Nakai Masahiro no Kin-youbi no Smile Tachi he” is a talk show featuring Nakai Masahiro as MC that digs into public entertainers’ life.
In the 2-hour special on May 7, from Aoni Production, which supports Japanese anime culture, a total of 24 voice actors, including Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi “Attack on Titan”), Shimazaki Nobunaga (Mahito “Jujutsu Kaisen”), Nozawa Masako (Son Goku “Dragon Ball”), Furuya Toru (Amuro Toru “Detective Conan”), Nakai Kazuya (Roronoa Zoro “One Piece”), and Yamaguchi Yuriko (Akagi Ritsuko “Evangelion”), will appear.

In the corner where they answer the questions from 3,000 male and female viewers, multiple questions that dig into the voice actors’ true intensions are taken, such as ‘Can you be friends with manga artists?’, ‘Do many people get married to people who work in the same industry?’, ‘How do you make different voices for each situation?’, and ‘What is your dream title that you could actually get a role?’, and they reveal the bare truth of the voice actor industry, which is still covered in mystery, one after another.

Moreover, a one-night stand special project features Kamiya Hiroshi performing the famous scenes of ‘Attack on Titan’, Nozawa Hiroshi as “God of voice actor industry” performing battling scenes, Furuya Toru talking about a secret story with Aoyama Gosho, an original author of “Detective Conan”, Yamaguchi Yuriko revealing Director Anno Hideaki’s thoughts that moved her, and Shimazaki Nobunaga at recording scenes. There’s so much to see.
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“Nakai Masahiro no Kinsuma Special” will be broadcast from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. on May 7 at TBS franchised stations.

[Title] “Nakai Masahiro no Kinsuma Special”
[Broadcast Date] 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. on May 7 (Fri)