A trailer for Saudi Arabia’s first-ever feature anime film ‘The Journey’, co-produced by Saudi Toei Animation and Arabia’s Manga Productions, has been released.

Set in ancient Arabian Peninsula, ‘The Journey’ tells the story of the people of Mecca including the protagonist Aws fight against the invader Abraha. It is a film filled with action and drama that depicts the characters believing in themselves and making a way to their future.

The trailer shows the scene where the people of Mecca and Abraha’s invading army, who offers ruthless conditions, get into a furious fight. Fighting against the absolute force of the invaders, Aws, a boy with dark past, decides to get his hand onto his sword to protect his loved one and their future.

Sakuji Yoshimura, an archeologist who has watched the film on step ahead of the public, gives comment “This film tells us what we should not forget in our lives”, and Ryota Fujitsu, an anime critic, says “This film gives us implications that are critical when we think about the future relationship inbetween ‘ANIME’ and the world”.
The trailer shows us the essence of Arabian entertainment and raises our expectations towards the film.

‘The Journey’ will be released on June 25, limitedly at Shinjuku Wald 9 and Umeda Burg 7.

Promotion: Toei Agency
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