From the TV anime “Fairy Ranmaru”, the synopsis and advance cutscene of episode 2 ‘Wrath’ have been revealed. The broadcast date was April 15, 2021.

“Fairy Ranmaru” is directed by Hishida Masakazu, with Kobayashi Kosuke as series director, Aoba Jo as series composition, and Studio Comet as animation production.
The story follows Ranmaru and others helping other people in trouble.

Episode 2 is titled ‘Wrath’.
Shiina is a rookie manga artist. Nizuka, her editor, scolds her in order to have his own way. As Homura is passing by, he helps her. Shiina asks Homura to act as a model, because he matches the image of the protagonist that she wants to draw. Homura reluctantly accepts the offer.

She finishes writing the manga with Homura as a model for the protagonist, but Nizuka redraws it as a female character. The manga gets bad reviews after being published, and Nizuka blames Shiina for that.

‘Wrath’, episode 2 of “Fairy Ranmaru”, was broadcast on April 15, 2021 on TOKYO MX and other stations.

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