From the TV anime “Osama Ranking”, which will be broadcast from October 2021 on Fuji TV “NoitaminA” and other slots, a teaser PV and information about staff and cast members, including Hinata Minami and Murase Ayumu, have been revealed. We also have received some comments from them.

“Osama Ranking” is based on the same-titled comic by Toka Sosuke and published by Kadokawa Beam Comix.
The protagonist Bojji is looked down on by his vassals and other people as he is deaf and so powerless that he cannot handle a sword. The story follows him and his first friend Kage.

This anime is directed by Hatta Yousuke (assistant director of “Boogiepop and Others”, performance director of “Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur”). Series composition is handled by Kishimoto Taku (series composition and etc. of “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited” “Haikyu!!”), and both character design and animation are handled by Nozaki Atsuko (character design of “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0”, ED of “Great Pretender”). WIT STUDIO (“Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”) is in charge of animation production.

The main cast members will be Hinata Minami and Murase Ayumu. Hinata will play the role of Bojji, the first prince of the kingdom who is aiming to be the best prince in the world even though he is deaf and so powerless that he cannot even handle a sword. Murase will play the role of Kage, who is a former member of the ‘Kage Assassin Clan’, and currently doing theft to survive, but eventually becomes Bojji’s friend.
The main staff and cast members have left some comments.

The teaser PV features Bojji, Kage, and other characters, ahead of the broadcast.

The TV anime “Osama Ranking” will be broadcast from October 2021 on Fuji TV “NoitaminA” and other slots.

Director: Hatta Yosuke
The 1st part of the original comic has come to an end, but I am still moved by the final episode while writing this comment.
The characters are so honest with themselves whether it’s good or bad that I have been moved so many times, feeling ‘If I could live like them!’.
I hope we can deliver such moments to you through the anime.
I will try my best with all the staff members to give back the power I got from the original work, and you can enjoy it.

Series composition: Kishimoto Taku
One week before, we had a recording of episode 1. I watched the video for the first time there, and it was beyond my expectation that I had when I was writing a scenario.
Heartwarming illustrations and tough story are well recreated.
I am so happy to be involved with this work.

Bojji: Hinata Minami
I am Hinata Minami and I will play the role of Bojji.
I feel so glad to be involved with such wonderful work.
I am still nervous, but rather I am full of hopes.
Please root for all the attractive characters besides Bojji and Kage.
Thank you!

Murase Ayumu: Kage
The strength to trust other people, and to overcome our weakness. I am happy to play the role of a friend to support Bojji with such strength.
We have already launched on recording, and animation is amazing.
I love watching the animation, feeling ‘I won’t lose!’ every week.
Please look forward to it!

(C)Toka Sosuke, Kadokawa / Anime ‘Osama Ranking’ Production Committee