From the TV anime “Zombieland Saga: Revenge”, the outline and scenes from episode 1, broadcast on Thursday, April 8, 2021, have been released.

“Zombieland Saga: Revenge” is the 2nd season of “Zombieland Saga, a zombie idol anime in which seven legendary girls, who have been brought back as “zombies” by the mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Koutarou, strive as the local idol group “Franchouchou” to save Saga prefecture.

The living dead have been squirming in their fate. Even when despair covered the seven wishes wearing masks of deception. I just watched the flesh being pierced with a smug smile on my face. When the light from the sky shines upon the living dead, the people will hear the screams echoing in the madness. The roar of their counterattack.
――― Koutarou’s Diary

“Zombieland Saga: Revenge” Episode 1 was broadcast on Tokyo MX on April 8, 2021.

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