The outline and advance cut-scenes of episode 1 “Let’s Have a Feast Again” of the TV anime “Fruits Basket: The Final” (Broadcast date: April 5, 2021) have been released.
Furthermore, the comments from Ishida Akira (as a voice of Souma Akira) and Orikasa Ai (as a voice of Souma Ren) have been released.

“Fruits Basket” is based on the shoujo manga that was serialized on “Hana to Yume” from 1998 to 2006.
After losing her single family member, the high school girl, Honda Tohru, ended up living together with her classmate Souma Yuki, along with his relative Shigure and Kyo, due to certain events. However, she found out that the Soma family has the “zodiac curse”, where they will turn into their respective zodiac once they are hugged by opposite gender.

The TV anime was broadcast in 2001 with 26 episodes and it has gotten a stage play adaptation in 2009. After the manga serialization has ended for more than 10 years, its popularity still remains strong and in 2019, it has gotten another anime adaptation. 1st season was broadcast from April to September, 2019 while the 2nd season was broadcast from April to September 2020, and it contains the story that was not shown before in the anime. Lastly, the finale, “The Final” has started…

The title for the first episode is “Let’s Have a Feast Again”.
Akito is actually a female instead of a male.
She was raised as a male from the day of her birth by her mother Souma Ren.

The reason behind Ren’s decision remains unknown, but it was revealed that Akito and Ren hated each other. The reason why Kureno won’t leave Akito side was also revealed. Tohru felt depressed by this chain of sadness. Then, the one who appeared in front of Tohru was…

The broadcast date of episode 1 Let’s Have a Feast Again” of the TV anime “Fruits Basket: The Final” is at 1:30 AM, April 6, 2021, on Tokyo TV and other channels.

Orikasa Ai (as voice of Souma Ren)
I wonder is there a mother who doesn’t love her child that was born from her beloved person…
I am unsure of how to act Ren… I hope that you would be able to felt her out of the norm desire of Akira as well as the distorted “sad female”…
By the way, I love fruits!

Ishida Akira (as a voice of Souma Akira)
From the point of view of Souma Akira, the various events that happened are indirectly linked to his death despite he never wished for it. You could also see how he was unable to do anything to prevent it as well.

(C) Takaya Natsuki, Hakusensha/ Fruits Basket Production Committee