The newest arrangement of “Say You to Yo Asobi 2021”, the latest season of the TV & video entertainment “ABEMA”‘s voice actor variety “Say You to Yo Asobi” which will start on April 12, has been announced.
It was announced that Maeno Tomoaki, Tokui Sora, and Hatanaka Tasuku are the new MC while the MC for the latest program, “WEEKEND” are Morikubo Showtaro & Nakamura Shougo. With this, “Say You to Yo Asobi” featured a total of 15 voice actors, which is the highest number in the program history.

The latest arrangement of “Say You to Yo Asobi 2021” was announced on the live broadcast “Say You to Yo Asobi WEEKEND Latest Arrangement Announcement SP” that was held on April 3 in a press conference format.
The MC are Yasumoto Hiroki & Maeno Tomoaki on Monday, Shimono Hiro & Uchida Maaya on Tuesday, Komatsu Mikako & Uesaka Sumire & Tokui Sora on Wednesday, Namikawa Daisuke & Ishikawa Kaito on Thursday, and Seki Tomokazu & Hatanaka Tasuku on Friday.
Maeno on Monday, Tokui on Wednesday, and Hatanaka on Friday are the latest MC, but Tokui will only appear for a quarter, which is until July 2021.

Other than that, Kaneda Tomoko & Kimura Subaru will continue handling “Connect”, which is broadcast every weekday while the latest program “WEEKEND”, which will be broadcast once per month irregularly, will be handled by Morikubo Showtaro and Nakamura Shougo.

The first broadcast of “Say You to Yo Asobi 2021” will start at 10:00 PM, on April 12 while “WEEKEND” will start at 10:00 PM, on April 17.
Don’t miss out on the powered-up “Say You to Yo Asobi” with the newest MC arrangement and the latest program “WEEKEND”.