The live broadcast of “Shimono Hiro no Hobo Hajimemashite Spin-off Spring 2021”, the latest installment of the talk live series “Shimono Hiro no Hobo Hajimemashite” (hereafter, known as HoboHaji) by the voice actor Shimono Hiro, has been decided to be on April 10, 2021.

“Shimono Hiro no Hobo Hajimemashite” is a brand-new talk live produced by Shimono Hiro himself as invited guests, who “he wanted to be friends with” or “usually don’t have much contact”, and perform a live “Nice to meet you” on stage. Up until now, he had invited voice actors, such as Asanuma Shintarou, Morikawa Toshiyuki, and Terashima Takuma, and entertainers in different industries, such as Yoiko and Tsukaji Muga (Drunk Dragon), as they have “funny”, “emotional (?)” conversation.

This spin-off is the sequel to “Shimono Hiro no Hobo Hajimemashite Spin-off 2020 Mafuyu ni Hitoriyomi” that was broadcast from the end of last year to New Year. As it is a streaming limited program, this is HoboHaji “roughly first” live broadcast. (Live viewing was conducted in the theatres in the past).

Also, to commemorate the live broadcast, goods will be released. Along with the “Birthday Acrylic Key Holder” that was created to commemorate his birthday on April 21, the line-up will also consist of a water bottle and chopsticks with a case that is suitable for the outing season of spring.

The live broadcast of “Shimono Hiro no Hobo Hajimemashite Spin-off Spring 2021” will be on April 10, 2021. The streaming ticket and commemoration goods will be released on March 27.

(C) HoboHaji Executive Committee