From the TV anime “Blue Reflection Ray” comes the 2 PVs “Blue PV” and “Rouge PV” that feature new cut-scenes. The ending theme song “Seishin” by ACCAMER was revealed for the first time and the comments have been released.

“Blue Reflection Ray” is based on the RPG “Blue Reflection” released in 2017 under Gust brand of Koei Techmo Games, and it has gotten a TV anime adaption as part of the new “Blue Reflection Project”.
Hirahara Hiori is a girl who is optimistic and always helps those in need, while Hanari Ruka is a clumsy girl that doesn’t know how to get along with others when she wanted. The story begin when this two girls with opposite personality encountered each other.

“Blue PV” and “Rouge PV” were released during the anime pre-broadcast special program that features the cast Ishimi Manaka, Chisuga Haruka, and Takakura Yuka.

“Blue PV” depicts the dynamic action scenes of Hirahara Hiori and the others transformed into “Reflector” by using the power of their “thoughts”. This is a tremendous video that sync with the powerful sound of the opening theme song “DiViNE” sang by EXiNA.

“Rouge PV” contains the voice of the 8 main characters as well as the ending theme song “Seishin” by ACCAMER for the first time. This is a video that gives a premonition that the thoughts of the girls are the keys to the story development with the music in the background.

Also, a portion of the characters from “Blue Reflection” can also be seen in each video. This will be a TV anime that the original fans can’t miss out, such as the connection to the game remain unknown.

TV anime “Blue Reflection Ray” will start broadcasting on April 9, on “Animerism” slot (MBS & TBS: Every Saturday at 1:55 AM).
The “Blue Reflection Project Special Stage” in “AnimeJapan 2021” that will be held on March 28, will feature a talk show with Ishimi Manaka, Chisuga Haruka, EXiNA, and Kishida Mel as well as the latest information announcement of the project. Don’t miss out on the full performance of “DiViNE” by EXiNA on the same day.

I’m ACCAMER, who will be handling the ending theme song of the TV anime “Blue Reflection Ray”.
For “Seishin”, the lyric and composition are handled by syudou-san while the arrangement is handle by TomoLow-san.
The song started off with the shocking lyric of “Sou Watashi ha Watashi ga Kirai” (That right, I hate myself), and it got me emotional to the brink of tears due to the story of the anime as well as my own memories.
While overlapping myself with the song, I will try my best to sing this song so that it would be linked to the “thoughts” of the girls of the rouge reflector.
I believe this will be a song that you will see a new side of ACCAMER.
While being grateful for the involvement in this wonderful work, I’m looking forward to the broadcast.

(C) Koei Techmo Games/ AASA