The voice actors for the TV anime “Dinosaur Biyori” (starting the broadcast from Apr. 3, 2021) have been announced. Moreover, the promotion movie with the image song and the character voices.

“Dinosaur Biyori” is the relaxing and peculiar dinosaur animation for which Fanworks, Aniplex, and Sony Creative Products formed the team for. T-Rex, Triceratops, Stenonychosaurus in the modern-day will live a relaxing and weird apartment life through the short anime.

Matsushige Yutaka, Tanaka Youji, and Kotouge Eiji have been assigned as the voice actors for the anime. Matsushige will play T-Rex, Tanaka will play Triceratops, and Kotouge will play Stenonychosaurus. The comments from the casts have arrived.

The theme song is called “Aisouze!” (Love it!) and will be sung by the popular artist CHAI, who gains worldwide support from the fans. The promotion movie contains the character voices and the theme song.

TV anime “Dinosaur Biyori” will be broadcast from Apr. 3, 2021, at TOKYO MX and BS11.

Matsushige Yutaka (playing T-Rex)
T-Rex is normally known to be the strongest carnivore dinosaur, but the T-Rex is very relaxing and cute. That is where the fun point of this anime exists, and he is made into a cute, loving character.
Because each episode is very short, this anime is the best fit for small leisure time, like before going to bed, or when you are taking a short break.

Tanaka Youji (playing Triceratops)
Triceratops is not a talkative character, but he is so own-paced that he summarizes the talk with a short line. Playing him is a little difficult, since he doesn’t speak much.
Since the anime is like a 4-block manga, it is very easy to watch an episode, and I hope you will get addicted to this anime.

Kotouge Eiji (playing Stenonychosaurus)
Well, I am not good at acting from the first place, but if I were to explain this team, T-Rex (played by Matsushige-san) is a joker, and Triceratops (played by Tanaka-san) is a bigger joker, and Stenonycosaurus, played by me, is a straight-headed dinosaur, so I feel like I could keep myself while playing him.
I feel that the script is well-written, interesting and cute. It is innovative to have a dinosaur creating laughter by just speaking, so please watch and enjoy.

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