Serialized in the Monthly Comic Garden, the final chapter of the manga “The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún” was released on Mar. 5, 2021. A feature-length animation was announced to be in production. The main cast, the animation studio in charge, a teaser PV, and a Key Visual were also revealed.

The original manga was created by Nagabe and is serialized in the magazine Monthly Comic Garden. The final volume will be released on Apr. 9.

The feature-length anime will be recorded OAD will be bundled with the manga’s bonus volume on Mar. 10, 2022, produced by WIT STUDIO, which also created an original short animation of the series in Japan on Sep. 10, 2019.

The Key Visual shows the 2 main characters from separate worlds
close together, perfectly representing the ambiance of the manga. A teaser PV was also released bridging the conclusion of the manga into the anime adaptation.

The main cast roles will be played by Fukuyama Jun and Takahashi Rie. Fukuyama as Teacher, and Takahashi as Shiva. Both commented on their roles briefly.

In Addition, marking 10 years after its foundation, WIT STUDIO will start a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Mar. 10, 2021, with an aim of raising 3 million yen total. The funds will be used to cover production costs, as well as raise the quality of the film and promote it.

“The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún” will be recorded as an original animation disc (OAD), and released on Mar. 10, 2022.

Teacher/Fukuyama Jun:
Hello, I’m Fukuyama Jun, the one who will be playing the role of Teacher in the anime adaptation of The Girl From the Other Side.
When I first took a look at the manga I was so drawn by its picturesque quality that I even forgot that I’d gotten the role, and found myself completely immersed in it.
After reading the manga, I feel like I understand the complexity of the character Teacher, which gives me a strong resolve to perform my best in order to entertain the audience. I really intend to give my all. I’m sure more information will be released soon enough, but I look forward to the day where Teacher and Shiva’s story after the conclusion of the manga is finally unveiled, by envisioning how much the fans will be pleased.
Do look forward to it too.

Shiva/Takahashi Rie:
Hi, I’m Takahashi Rie and I’ll be voicing the fluffy Shiva, who moves around and at times shows her delicate side.
While paying attention to match the overall feel of the manga, I will strive to voice the character in the most adequate way.
I’m also very excited to see what number of lines and the mood they create by working alongside Fukuyama!
Please do cheer for us!

(C)2022 Nagabe / Mag Garde – The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún