The lineup of the voice actor Kaji Yuuki’s original apparel brand “en.365°” 2021S/S has been announced. The pre-orders have started as well.

“en.365°” is an original apparel brand by Kaji Yuuki based on “fate” and “human connections” that he treasured together with the thoughts of “things that can be worn for 365 days”, and “to exceed the 360° (JPY)”.

The lineup of 2021S/S includes the “T-shirts (sora) that Kaji wore during the photography and the “BackPack”, where the sacoche could be detachable.

The bucket hat from the collaboration with the hat brand “CA4LA” has been announced as well. This item is fully supervised by Kaji Yuuki himself. It has a simple design yet his determination can be seen in the detailed parts, and it can be used with various clothing.

The pre-orders for “en.365°” 2021S/S have started. The look photos of the new products have been updated on the official website.