The last day of the concert tour “Walküre wa Akiramenai LIVE TOUR” by the tactical sound unit “Walküre” from “Macross Delta” has been decided to be streamed on March 14, 2021, named as “#AirWalküre”.

The concert tours of Walküre that were scheduled for last summer had to be postponed, but they held “Walküre wa Akiramenai LIVE TOUR” at 5 venues for 6 times from December 2020 to January 2021 with the hope of “delivering songs without giving up”.

This time, their performance of the last day of the tour, held at Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) on January 22, will be streamed. You can enjoy the director’s cut edition of the full setlist, which is completely different from the live viewing held on that day, at home.

“SANKYO presents #AirWalküre Premium LIVE 2021 -Walküre wa Akiramenai !!!!!” will start on SHOWROOM at 8:00 pm on March 14.
The archive will be streamed from 0:00 am on March 15 to 11:59 pm on March 21.
Tickets are priced at 3,500 JPY (tax included) and will go on sale at 6:00 pm on March 4. For more information, please visit the official Macross portal site.

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