A “Macross” series YouTube channel has been announced. Along with it, live broadcast “#Air Valkyrie LIVE TOUR 2020 ~Valkyrie Never Gives Up~ @Air Nagoya” from 7:00 p.m. Jul. 10, 2020 has been announced.

“#Air Valkyrie LIVE TOUR 2020 ~The Valkyrie Never Gives Up~ @Air Nagoya” is the 1st live broadcast project of the channel.
“Valkyrie LIVE TOUR” was initially scheduled to start on Jul. 10 at Zepp Nagoya but was announced to be canceled due to the spread of COVID-19. However, as the title says, they “never give up” to “deliver their songs”, so they decided to conduct this live broadcast.

This project will be a relay broadcast the memorable stages from the 2nd and 3rd LIVE chosen by each of the Valkyrie members from the scheduled starting hours of the initial event. The idea is to enjoy the “Air LIVE (virtual LIVE)” with everyone.
The relay begins with “@Air Nagoya Stage”, the selection of the leader Kaname Δ Yasuno Kiyono, on Jul. 10, and is followed by “@Air Osaka” on Jul. 24, “@Air Fukuoka” on Jul. 25, “@Air Sapporo” on Aug. 11, and “@Air Tokyo” on Aug. 21″.

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