The 3rd collaboration items between the voice actor Okamoto Nobuhiko and “Q-pot.” has been announced. It is now available on “Q-pot.” branches and official online shops. Also, the collaboration menu can also be enjoyed in Q-pot Cafe. in Omotesandou.

The highlight of the collaboration is the sweet, crunchy Bisquinu (Biscuit Dog) “NOBUPOO”.
“NOBUPOO” is a cookie inspired by Okamoto Nobuhiko’s signature “Oka-kun”, which is a Bisquinu made of freshly baked cookies. The design features a cute and adorable appearance of “NOBUPOO” while it is biting its favorite chocolate.

The necklace has an appearance as if it was a real freshly baked biscuit that also gives off a nice fragrances. Do also check out the cute expression that was drawn with the chocolate pen.

The general goods, such as tote bag, mug, and tin badge, have also been announced. The canvas-made bag is perfect when you go on a stroll, during lunch time, or even for shopping.

The limited menu of Q-pot Cafe. in Omotesandou has also been announced, and it features the sweets with the actual “NOBUPOO”. Cookie jar and take-away cake are also available.

“Q-pot. X Okamoto Nobuhiko Collaboration/ Accessory” is now available on “Q-pot.” branches and official online shop. A limited commentary video from Okamoto Nobuhiko will be given upon the purchase of the collaboration accessories.